Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers have a vital role in the prosperity of Kids West Family Resource Centre. All of the time and cervices donated by volunteers are essential and greatly appreciated. Kids West have many opportunities for volunteers to be involved and new opportunities arise often! If you have any special talents, skills or gifts that you think might be useful to our Family resource Centre, feel free to apply and we can likely find a place for you to help out!

Childcare – Help supervise participants’ children when they attend parenting programs and other special events.

Meals/Snacks – Help prepare/serve snacks for programs. This could be backed items, cutting fruit/veggies, arranging cracker trays etc. Sometimes we also serve meals and do pancake breakfast programs. In these cases we would need help preparing and serving meals. Food and kitchen space provided.

General Administration – Help greeting participants, doing light paperwork (copying, mailing, stats, etc)

Cleaning Helper – Help to tidy the centre after special events, evening and weekend programs. Usually involves sweeping, vacuuming, washing dishes.

Outdoor Helper – Help to maintain/plant/harvest our children’s garden and play area and to do basic outdoor projects. Weeding, watering, harvesting, washing toys, washing windows etc.

Fundraising Helper – Help with the prep work before/after fundraisers or help with the actual events. We are always looking for new ideas for fundraisers, so feel free to contact us with your suggestions.

Program Helper – help to prepare items for programs, or to facilitate special programs that showcase your own skill and expertise.

Mom and Baby Program Helper – Help to cuddle babies during mom and baby programs.

Family resource Centre Church Advocates – Representatives from each church to act as our advocates among the congregation. These people would get updates of the latest news, events and fundraisers from the centre and help promote this in their own church. This would be an opportunity to be involved without having to actually come into the centre.

Matched And Latched – This is a program we are developing that would partner new mothers wanting to breastfeed with mothers who have been successful at breastfeeding to act as a support system for the first couple of weeks of breastfeeding initiation.

Volunteers may choose to come in on a weekly basis or once per month. If you are interested in helping us with any of these roles, please contact us. Please let us know your availability and we can schedule you into a time that suits everyone! 


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